How the StaySavr web-app works

It works inside your browser 

When your browser shows a property page on one of those booking sites, our app asks the StaySavr server for extra information. It overlays the direct contact information on the page. Then you choose how you book! An alternative way to get the contact information is by using the Instant Lookup page

StaySavr for GUESTS

The big booking sites use psychological tricks to get you to make a hasty decision. Don't. There's no rush. Much better to talk to the owner and ask all the important questions before you book. Save on commissions and booking fees too, typically around 15-20% but as much as 30% on some sites.

Don't take my word for it. Look up StaySavr on Trustpilot or just Google for "StaySavr" and see what people are saying about it. We have our own Safe Renting Guide which gives you everything you need to know about booking and paying safely.

Knowing that your booking is safe is so much better than a flimsy "guarantee".

StaySavr shows you additional information for properties on all VRBO sites. It works on the best-known  hotel booking sites too.

The most convenient way is to get our browser extension. Just click on the "Try It Now!" button above. If you can't use the extension, then please use our Instant Look-up page.

Psychological trickery employed by the booking sites
Psychological tricks
For property owners

What it isn't

StaySavr is not an advertising site. It is simply a way to give out your direct contact details on advertising sites where they have been removed. Then you get to know your guests before they book and they can freely ask you questions.


Nobody can see who the members of StaySavr are. Data is shown for both members and for non-members whose data has been gathered by research.

Owners should Join StaySavr

To fully benefit as an owner, you should join us. This ensures that full and accurate data is shown for your property. It helps us to spread news of StaySavr to the guests. It keeps giving you tips on how to get more direct bookings. It's FREE!


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The service provided by StaySavr website and web-app are for free use "as is" without any warranty.


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