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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not. We add no cookies, nor do we collect data on your activity. The only data transmitted to our server is the occasional owner phone number which the app picks up from a property page.

Just point your browser at any property detail page on one of the HomeAway websites. As contact data isn't avaibable for every single property, you might need to look at 2 or 3 properties before you see the contact details(grey panel) appear.

If it is not working, have a look at the question below.

  • In Chrome, in the address bar, enter: chrome:extensions
    then press Enter. Now you can see all of your installed extensions and for each, there is a checkbox to enable.
  • In Firefox, click on the top-right menu button and select "Add-ons". Now you have a screen where you can select "Extensions" on the left side and then see all your extensions with Disable/Enable/Remove buttons.
  • In Microsoft Edge, click on the top-right menu button and select "Extensions". Now you see a panel with a list of your installed extensions. Click the settings icon to the right of the extension to reveal the On/Off switch and "Remove" button.

Please close Firefox and re-start it. Now re-try installing the StaySavr extension and it should work.

For any questions not covered above, please use the Live Chat facility. Leave a message if we are not online!